Whatever your fitness level or goals are, developing lean muscle will help you immensely. Cardiovascular training, like walking on a treadmill, jogging, or using the elliptical is a great starting point for exercise, but resistance training needs to be added to your routine to develop lean muscle.

Think of lean muscle as the fat incinerators of your body.  The more lean muscle you have the more efficient fat burner your body will become. A false thought around muscle is that it can make you look “too bulky.” Dismiss it. Focus on building lean muscle. Weights are your friend. In case you don’t have equipment available while training,  your body weight can be used for resistance in the form of squats, planks, and push-ups.  If you’re struggling  with resistance training consider this question, “Would I rather incorporate resistance training and become a master fat burner or waste my time only doing cardio?”




TJ Edge was created to be an extension of the training style that Tanner offers his clients. It’s a 1 on 1 fitness training in Austin, Texas. The founder, Tanner Bleskin, grew up in northcentral Montana, and prior to moving to Austin had a solid client base consisting of Division 1 athletes, busy moms, firefighters, and middle age women who simply wanted to get more toned and lose a few pounds.

This website is a direct extension of Tanner and the material that is available has led to hundreds of transformations over 3 years as a physical trainer. One of the biggest issues Tanner is obsessed with is clarity when people find themselves at that decision point of change, this will give you immediate clarity on the mindset, exercise, and nutrition needed to get exactly what you want.  It is beyond frustrating watching driven, motivated people, quit on their goals because they didn’t have a clear route to follow.

The philosophy behind TJ Edge is that health must be a wholeness for maximum results.  If you have the ultimate mindset around exercise and transformation yet lack any understanding of proper nutrition, you won’t arrive at your long-term goals as quickly as you could, and the results you do achieve will be short-lived.  There are no quick-fixes or overnight successes.  Amazing breakthroughs take a burning desire, clarity on the process needed to achieve exactly the goals you want and a wholeness approach to overall health.