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Workouts that redefine your health perspective.

Raised in a blue-collar family, Tanner grew up watching and loving sports. While most kids were watching cartoons, Tanner was watching ESPN highlights. He became a three-sport athlete, playing basketball, football and baseball. As an All-American wide receiver for Montana State, he ended his career as the all-time leader in yards and receptions. Tanner still found time to do the things he loved outside of sports, fly fishing was his main love.

Tanner graduated with high honors in Microbiology after graduation. Feeling pulled to give back to the young athletes in his community, Tanner switched gears by entering the health and wellness world. Being extremely passionate about athletics and wellness he dove into sports specific training. Lacing each training with the idea that health is a wholeness, Tanner started personal training.

If you have amazing workouts yet lack proper nutrition, have terrible thoughts and sleep minimally the results won’t be there. Likewise, if you eat perfectly but don’t move your body and hang in a negative emotional environment your results will be minimal. Self-empowerment vs. a co-dependency business model is another core belief in Tanner’s training. Essentially, the power lies within you in order for you to achieve exactly what you want.

Excited to see what breakthroughs you’re about to have!

Tanner Bleskin is more than a “trainer”. He gets right to business. He holds you accountable for the goals you set yourself. He’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The guy brings out the best in you. You can text him at 6 a.m. and you can text him at midnight. He cares about your growth as a person and an athlete. I am very thankful to have the relationship I do with him. With the career Tanner has had and his credentials it’s something anyone should take advantage of when someone like him is willing to give back.

– Brandon The Boy, full-ride scholarship basketball