Nancy’s Expression

What Expression Do You See Most in People?

It’s interesting what a facial expression can tell you when you take the time to study it.   A lot of times in the world we live in expressions can be broken down into stress, overwhelm, anger or other negative emotions. Yes, people show joy and happiness, but it’s not close to what it should be. One of the best views I have as a trainer is to watch people transform in front of my eyes over time.  I absolutely have grown to love when a new client shows up with a look of uncertainty like “what the heck did I get myself into” and transforms into a look of confidence and certainty over the course of training with me.  One of the first clients that ever took a chance on me was Nancy.  Nancy came in with a look of “it’s time to change.”

To give you an insight into Nancy’s mindset she was the person that had been through it all, tried every diet under the sun, had multiple surgeries, and just needed a little boost from an exercise and accountability standpoint.  The look in this photo really shows it all.  It touches the fire in my soul that gets so fricken’ pumped when people trust the process and transform in front of my eyes.  To be fair this photo is showing an after photo after 3 months.  It depicts a confident, gritty soul who is damn proud of the body she has gotten back.

Joy is the emotion that jumps out the most in this picture to me.  Writing this blog post put into perspective for me how imperative it is to get out of our own bubble.  The things that are happening are truly incredible if we know where to look.  What is it that you’re currently missing in your life that would bring you joy if you took the time to focus on it? Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Go find a way to make someone’s day brighter.

My very best,