Fitness= 20% Exercise and 80% Nutrition.

Does the food you eat and nutrition you give your body support your goals?  More importantly, what do the results reveal?  If you’re getting results that fulfill you and make you happy, not “masked happy” either, odds are you probably aren’t looking to change.  If you aren’t happy with where you are you have two choices. Continue eating the same things that aren’t serving your goals and taking you further away from your ideal self.  Or, you can choose to be open, vulnerable, and learn a new way of thinking about food that will lead to the ideal body you deserve.  Here are a few questions that will help you in your journey to finding a plan that best fits you:

  • How sustainable is this nutrition plan that I am considering?  Do people get results and keep them?
  • As far as the time commitment goes, how much energy will it take me to execute this plan? More importantly, am I willing to do that long-term?
  • What kind of support and accountability is built in around the plan?  Will I grow into the person I know I can become in this environment?
  • What is the plan of attack for environmental toxicity that the program has?  Is this backed by research and safe?

So, there it is.  There is no magic bullet or one size that fits all.  True transformations take time and consistency.  The above gives clarity around what it takes for a fitness transformation.  What’s the recommendation that I give to clients for optimal nutrition?  It’s a flexible superfood nutrition lifestyle program called Isagenix.  Over the course of utilizing it for 4 years, it’s been an amazing tool to help clients bring out the best version of themselves from an energy, mental clarity, weight loss, and lean muscle perspective.  If you’d like to see if it’s a fit for you, explore Isagenix. No matter who you are things can always be better.  What’s your plan of attack for eating healthy on the go?

I am a mother of two, a farm wife and full-time RN.  Prior to meeting Tanner, I was fairly active but had plateaued on my weight loss/fitness goals.  Tanner brought in a nutritional system that when paired with a different activity level I have been able to not only maintain but exceed my goals.  Thanks to his continued support and availability I am at the best physically and mentally that I have ever been.  I cannot thank him enough.

– Kari G.