TJ Edge Mindset Program

TJ Edge Mindset was created from a frustration of watching people acknowledge the importance of exercise yet not sticking with it long-term whatsoever. A classic example is when January rolls around and by February or March, you can hear crickets in the gym. What the heck happened? It wasn’t like new cutting-edge research was released saying that exercise was bad. Seriously, it’s like people enter the witness protection program and aren’t seen again until next January.  What if exercise became like brushing your teeth?  We’ve all been there when we slipped up and couldn’t brush our teeth for a day.  It’s an off feeling, almost like the day doesn’t feel complete because your teeth weren’t brushed.  What if that was how exercise became for you mentally?  What if every day you did some sort of movement that kept you on track with your goals and three months down the road instead of being in the witness protection program you’re making a post online talking about the massive transformation you just had?

That’s exactly what TJ Edge Mindset was created for.  It’s exciting because it shares the exact blueprint Tanner has used over the past three years that have helped clients not only achieve their desired health goals but to obliterate them and be forced to set new ones because the old ones were crushed!  This program is for those who want exercise to become “sticky” to their daily routine. Where it is weird not to exercise daily.  Add the attitude of openness and a burning desire to be better and this program is all you.  If you’re not looking to change or open to new ways of thinking this program isn’t worth your time or energy.  For those ready to dive deeper into the process of thinking differently around working out let’s get to work!

Fitness Programs

Online Workouts (3 days a week)
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CSCS Training 1 on 1 (available if you live in Austin, Texas)

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When I first reached out to Tanner in August of 2017 I was looking for some advice or ideas on ways to make my nutrition better and ways to get into shape because I was just coming off shoulder surgery and planned to get back into playing college baseball. I had no idea what to expect or if I would even hear back from Tanner. But later that evening on the same day I reached out to Tanner he had got back to me and gave me a call. I explained to Tanner my situation and what my goals were and where I wanted to be. To say he was and still is helpful is an understatement because Tanner has been like a friend in this journey encouraging and challenging me every step of the way and I think that speaks to his work and motivation to help others achieve their goals with his down-to-earth and friendly demeanor. I would 100% recommend Tanner because I have achieved my original set goals and then some because of him and I’m not finished!

-Ryan Clark